PPC Management

We understand that running a business is time consuming and with only so many hours in the day, you can only do so much. With our PPC Management services, we can help take one of those tasks from your to do list, giving it the time and attention you’d like to while freeing you up to manage your business.

PPC is a great tool within digital marketing. Transparent and easy to work out the return on investment; it insulates you from relying upon organic traffic, where your reliance is then in the hands of the search engines who with one small algorithm update can wipe out your site from ranking in the results.

However, when implemented poorly; it can be akin to throwing money down a well. This is where we can help.

  • Our PPC Management is flexible – you only pay for the work you need
  • Our PPC Managers are Google Adwords Certified – experts in the field
  • Our PPC Management services are affordable – amongst the best prices available

PPC Management Services

Our PPC Management Services are different to most agencies. Where most charge a set fee based on your monthly spend -irrespective of the work undertaken- we just charge a hourly fee. No long term contract, no money for old rope; you simply pay for the work we do.

What’s more, our hourly fee is pretty competitive within the market.

We find this model allows businesses to scale up or down their efforts accordingly. Happy with the ROI you’re achieving with your PPC campaigns and just want a quick tune up for the month? Order a couple of hours. Need a complete overhaul of your account structure? Book us in for as long as you need.

Before we begin work on your campaigns, we will outline what we feel is achievable in the time period you have ordered. This gives you complete control and transparency over and into what you are paying for; just how it should be.

PPC Managers in Dorset, London & Yorkshire

Our PPC managers are all from a client background. Some of us tried the agency side of digital life and it wasn’t to our taste, not enough emphasis was placed on the customer for our liking.

This is why we are now freelancers; we strive to improve our customer’s online performance while working for ourselves.

Google Adwords Partner Image for PPC Management Services

All our PPC staff are certified in Google Adwords, with several years experience behind them and uniquely, some have actually worked for Google as part of the Adwords team; so we know our CTR’s from our CPC’s.

So with our talent, experience, dedication and affordable pricing, the question isn’t ‘why should you use our PPC management Services?’; it’s ‘why wouldn’t you?’

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